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World Map

Within a few weeks of arriving at my project site I decided I was going to paint a giant world map. I chose the world map for two reasons. One, I wanted to spark children’s curiosity for the wider world … Continue reading

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Five months left…..

Right now I’m just over half way through the fellowship. I’m at a fairly pivotal point at the project site too, as I move away from the report writing, studies and business planning of the last few months and back … Continue reading

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A message home

I haven’t written home in a while. I wanted to write to you about my experiences in India. But my experiences are so interspersed and polarised; I can’t find a way to share them in an earnest manner. So instead … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

At RMKM we celebrated our New Year at an all staff meeting. Usually boring affairs, last Saturday was actually quite lively, with dancing, songs, games, and some entertaining slide shows and announcements about upcoming work. Our organisation is large, we … Continue reading

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The Taj Mahal, a monument to love

Last Sunday Justin and I visited the incredible Taj Mahal. It’s simply the most stupendous, awe-inspiring, and beautiful building on the planet. The gatesĀ on each side of the gardens around the Taj are impressive enough. The gardens are landscaped and … Continue reading

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School Chale Hum (We go to school)

Here’s a video we watched during November workshop that I wanted to share. We watched it at 6am and I remember getting a little emotional – it’s got a feel good factor. The video and song perfectly capture the simplicity … Continue reading

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