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What have I done this year?

In A message home I wrote that my year in India has indulged childhood fantasies. I’ve been a jack-of-all trades; I’ve had the chance to try my hand at every job I wanted as a kid, except the astronaut part. … Continue reading

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One-billion strong for equality

Last night same-sex marriage became legal in the state of New York, making it one of just seven states (including the District of Columbia) to offer gay marriage in the US. A while ago I tried to crunch statistics on … Continue reading

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Facing the heat

The desert brings a cruel partisan climate. I remember a freezing weekend spent building our Chula. Back in November I could barely speak Hindi; but those misty mornings with the children – breaking every rule of fire safety – were … Continue reading

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International Day Against Homophobia: Who is fighting for you?

Today I came out in Rajasthan. It was a tense, meticulous, and emotional conversation – like telling my family – but this time in a village in rural India. The reaction of my colleague was exceptional: ‘It’s a private, personal … Continue reading

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Ode to a hearing aid

I don’t talk much about my hearing aid. Recently, though, I’ve felt the need to write memoirs on behalf of the little black box on the side of my head. You see, my hearing aid is nearing the end of … Continue reading

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I’ve recently been invited to blog as a guest writer over at queeristan, a long-running blog popular with the South Asian gay community. I’ll be writing on gay equality, race, and immigration as it affects South Asians. My first article, … Continue reading

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I’ve been interviewed!

I’ve been interviewed in the Indian national paper, Daily News and Analysis India The profile gives a well rounded perspective of my work in gay equality and my perspectives on equality in India. I’ve also shared experiences as a gay … Continue reading

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Christmas in Beawar

I’m currently in Beawar, a city of around 200,000 people, just south of Ajmer in Rajasthan. I arrived yesterday morning and I’m going to be here for the next few days, camping inside an empty classroom. It’s a quiet city, … Continue reading

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