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What have I done this year?

In A message home I wrote that my year in India has indulged childhood fantasies. I’ve been a jack-of-all trades; I’ve had the chance to try my hand at every job I wanted as a kid, except the astronaut part. … Continue reading

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India’s problem-solving problem

When a fallen tree obstructs the road, do you stop to move it? Or do you drive around it? Two days ago five child marriages took place in Chachiyawas, on my doorstep. Ten spritely children, blessed with potential, were needlessly … Continue reading

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Facing the heat

The desert brings a cruel partisan climate. I remember a freezing weekend spent building our Chula. Back in November I could barely speak Hindi; but those misty mornings with the children – breaking every rule of fire safety – were … Continue reading

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Community immersion, trust, and apathy

He lurched across the courtyard. I’d never seen him like this before, staggering into groups of well-wishers, cursing his friends indiscriminately, and stopping to retch on his graceful exit from the shaadi. He wasn’t the only one drinking. From the … Continue reading

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My experiences with psychologists

Here at RMKM psychologists are in large demand. They are also very, very well respected. I think, given the admiration they receive and the awe in which they are held, they are considered equitable to rocket scientists and brain surgeons … Continue reading

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Minu Manovikas Mandir to York College

Here in Chachiyawas we are lucky enough to have an array of technology and computer hardware. Unfortunately, most of our equipment is rusting or patched together; our computers crawling with viruses. What’s left is derelict through misuse or no-use at … Continue reading

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Directions and opportunities

It’s a recent admission that I lack direction. I’m sure this comes as no surprise to colleagues and friends, who have long frowned upon my regular forays into unknown or ambitious climates; laden with aspirations and intentions and lacking thought-out … Continue reading

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World Map

Within a few weeks of arriving at my project site I decided I was going to paint a giant world map. I chose the world map for two reasons. One, I wanted to spark children’s curiosity for the wider world … Continue reading

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Five months left…..

Right now I’m just over half way through the fellowship. I’m at a fairly pivotal point at the project site too, as I move away from the report writing, studies and business planning of the last few months and back … Continue reading

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A message home

I haven’t written home in a while. I wanted to write to you about my experiences in India. But my experiences are so interspersed and polarised; I can’t find a way to share them in an earnest manner. So instead … Continue reading

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