Me, on the platform at Jaipur.

I’m an Indicorps Fellow who took part in the 2010/11 Fellowship Class. Here I talk about experiences, challenges, and reflections taken from my year in India.

Indicorps’ development-oriented programs are designed to build principled leadership, empower visionaries, and inspire collective action while creating opportunities for the Indian diaspora to serve India by applying their skills, time, and resources towards grassroots public service opportunities and sustainable strategies for change.

My project was based in village Chachiyawas near Ajmer in central Rajasthan. Here I worked with the social justice NGO Rajasthan Mahila Kalyan Mandal (RMKM). My project – ‘Inclusive Education for All’ – was an attempt to develop holistic teaching methods in support of an inclusive education programme for developmentally disabled children, and to raise awareness of severe learning disabilities in the local community. I also developed a vocational programme for disabled children to encourage economic independence under a National Trust initiative.

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