The end of an Indicorps year

My year in India has finished, and I owe a debt of gratitude to Indicorps staff and Fellows past and present, and of course my adopted family, friends and colleagues at Rajasthan Mahila Kalyan Mandal. This blog contains reflections on ethics in grassroots development, knotted with anecdotes and stories. It is a testament to my Fellowship year.

To skip to Indicorps content, click here for a review of my year in India. I’ve also collated my favorite content from the year below.

What is an Indicorps Fellow?
What have I done this year?
India’s problem-solving problem
Facing the heat
How Indian am I?
Karnatakan Expeditions
International Day Against Homophobia: Who is fighting for you?
Ten things I’ve done this year, but haven’t told you about
Ode to a hearing aid
A message home
My agenda

I’m currently in Washington, DC where I’m studying towards a Masters in Public Policy at George Washington University. I’m sure through study and by reflecting on changes after my Fellowship year, I’ll have plenty more to write about.

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